Do you know that voter entitlements have changed in Victoria?

The Victorian Government changed voter entitlements in the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act)

Property owners and occupiers in a council area no longer have an automatic entitlement to vote

If you are like 99% of Victorians, you didn’t know voter entitlements have changed.  Now you do.

If you believe your council provides good value for the rates or rent you pay and that they are focussed on what matters most to you as a resident or ratepayer, thanks for reading this far, good-bye and please keep Buying Local from local small businesses.

If you do care and want to be heard and to exercise your democratic right to vote you must enrol to vote with your Council and confirm before August 30th 2024 that you are on the Council roll.

There are now 2 types of eligible voters for council elections in Victoria:

1. State-enrolled

State enrolled voters must vote in their local council election if on the Victorian state electoral roll.

Check if you are on the state roll here –

2. Council-enrolled

Eligible council-enrolled voters include ratepayers who are property owners, occupiers or corporations and who have requested the CEO of the Council enrol them before August 30th to vote.

You are eligible to be a council-enrolled voter if you are:

  • 18 or older
  • you own property, occupy a property or represent a corporation occupying or owning a property in the council area, and
  • you are not a State-enrolled voter within the council area.

You must enrol with the Council at least 57 days before the election.
You must be enrolled by the council before August 30th, 2024.